2018 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts - Mock Per Day Series

Starting July 7th, we will begin a series of drafting a team per day using the 2018 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator (powered by FantasyPros).

With this resource (check it out yourself), we are able to draft a team in a matter of a few minutes as opposed to an hour (or more).

Every day (or almost every day), we will change things up and draft a team using a different scoring format, number of teams and draft slot and then post the results and some thoughts.

To help you keep track of all of the mocks, we created this page as a centralized location.

Below you will see all of the mocks we've done (page will be updated daily) and click the link to one(s) that piques your interest.

DateTeamsSlotScoringQBRBWRTEFlexIDPBenchMock Draft Link
7/21127PPR1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/201212STD1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/19105PPR1231QB/RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/18148STD1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/17129PPR1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/16123PPR2231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/151210STD1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/14121PPR1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/12147Half-PPR1221RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/11124STD1221RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/101211STD1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/9126PPR2231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/8122PPR1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft
7/7129STD1231RB/WR/TE06Fantasy Football Mock Draft

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