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Los Angeles Clippers NBA Power Rankings

Every week of the NBA season, we post a consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of sources.

This page lists where the Los Angeles Clippers stand each week. To view the full rankings for a given week, click on the hyperlink for that week.

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WeekRankAvg.ESPNNBA.comThe Athletic
Week 11213121215
Week 21717.33181618
Week 32221.67232220
Week 41919201819
Week 51211.33121012
Week 61111.3312814
Week 71112111015
Week 81614.67161315
Week 91111.67121112
Week 101111.33101014
Week 111314121416
Week 121212.33121312
Week 131615.33171613
Week 141717201813
Week 152019192216
Week 161716.67181814
Week 171717181815
Week 181616161517
Week 191616161517
Week 201414.67161414

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