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Denver Nuggets NBA Power Rankings

Every week of the NBA season, we post a consensus NBA Power Rankings from a variety of sources.

This page lists where the Denver Nuggets stand each week. To view the full rankings for a given week, click on the hyperlink for that week.

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WeekRankAvg.ESPNNBA.comThe Athletic
Week 188.337117
Week 233.67335
Week 366.33685
Week 481010128
Week 545.67584
Week 699.338128
Week 71615.33162010
Week 8151417178
Week 9141416179
Week 10101011136
Week 11111111139
Week 12101011118
Week 131212.33121411
Week 141212.67121412
Week 151212121311
Week 1688.338710
Week 171211.67111113
Week 181111.3312913
Week 199911511
Week 20108.671259

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