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Franchise All-Time Rushing Leaders: Indianapolis Colts

The table below shows the all-time rushing leaders in Indianapolis Colts franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Colts.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2021 NFL season.]

1Edgerrin James962188922664
2Lydell Mitchell811391548727
3Marshall Faulk771389532042
4Eric Dickerson611258519432
5Lenny Moore1431069517463
6Tom Matte1421200464645
7Joseph Addai781095445339
8Alan Ameche70964404540
9Randy McMillan88990387624
10Curtis Dickey70800349026
11Dominic Rhodes89739298425
12Jonathan Taylor32564298029
13Frank Gore48784295313
14Jerry Hill102706266822
15Don McCauley156770262740
16Marlon Mack47567248420
17Donald Brown66551237717
18Albert Bentley88526235519
19Joe Washington4762623425
20Johnny Unitas206450177713
21Tony Lorick56439176914
22Andrew Luck86332159014
23Roosevelt Potts4932213571
24Bert Jones98236135614
25L.G. Dupre4835613398
26Norm Bulaich31318127612
27Roosevelt Leaks54350126814
28Nyheim Hines6528211699
29George Wonsley7327911609
30Joe Perry2526210343
31Anthony Johnson5329510171
32Trent Richardson293169776
33Don Nottingham312469729
34Jordan Wilkins491959514
35Ron Lee422069405
36Vick Ballard172248772
37Bill Olds402498565
38Jim Harbaugh531758563
39Mike Pagel511248324
40Alex Hawkins11020878710
41Peyton Manning20834672217
42Ahmad Bradshaw191626964
43George Taliaferro221506362
44Terry Cole231776225
45Lamont Warren611856035
46Zachary Dixon281365481
47John Huzvar201385444
48Don Hardeman261575363
49Buddy Young311425333
50Kenton Keith161215333
51Ken Clark341615100
52Jacoby Brissett4614350011
53Delone Carter261334995
54Owen Gill31984903
55Rodney Culver3218647110
56Zack Crockett391294691
57Cleveland Franklin311474683
58Marty Domres51884546
59James Mungro4313343010
60Dan Herron28974261
61George Shaw36983915
62Mark Smolinski281163631
63Alvin Moore28953323
64Frank Middleton211053102
65Billy Pricer48923032
66Zollie Toth12863031
67Jack Call24702990
68Sam Havrilak69732893
69J.W. Lockett12812730
70Royce Womble37912660
71Mike Hart21712642
72Tom Nowatzke31772601
73Clif Groce23562500
74Chuck Banks3502450
75Mike Sommer13672372
76Jonathan Williams9492351
77Carl Taseff91472341
78Robert Turbin23742278
79Carson Wentz17572151
80Billy Vessels12442152
81Jack Maitland14742091
82Glenn Doughty103262020
83Chris Chandler18531964
84Ricky Williams23591902
85Marvin Sims32541862
86Art Schlichter13221611
87Preston Pearson35431590
88Timmy Brown11391592
89Jack Trudeau61911563
90Clarence Verdin95161530
91Greg Landry43391521
92Chad Simpson25301473
93Tim Manoa9271441
94Buck McPhail12531380
95Joe Don Looney13231271
96John Mackey126191270
97Javarris James10461126
98Curtis Painter11201110
99Eddie Hinton47101112
100Jeff George52541032
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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