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Franchise All-Time Passing Leaders: Los Angeles Chargers

The table below shows the all-time passing leaders in Los Angeles Chargers franchise history.

Stats included are only during the players' stint(s) as a member of the Chargers.

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[Note: Stats are through the 2020 NFL season.]

1Philip Rivers2284908759159271397198
2Dan Fouts1813297560443040254242
3John Hadl1541824364026938201211
4Stan Humphries7913352350160858573
5Drew Brees5911251809123488053
6Jack Kemp3038981559963749
7Doug Flutie2640873749012522
8John Friesz2940174743961920
9Justin Herbert 1539659543363110
10Jim Harbaugh 2137263641771824
11Billy Joe Tolliver2030559536712124
12Tobin Rote2824444936662932
13Ed Luther6124546031871223
14Ryan Leaf2127256731721333
15Craig Whelihan1926755731601429
16Mark Herrmann1822035525691318
17Jim McMahon 1217631821321010
18James Harris261563081796721
19Mark Malone 121472721580613
20Jesse Freitas 13982191244813
21Marty Domres22821791219517
22Sean Salisbury168216198458
23Erik Kramer678141788210
24Babe Laufenberg86914477845
25Gale Gilbert317712873535
26Dick Wood6419765547
27Wayne Clark254398647011
28Johnny Unitas 5347647137
29Jim Everett4367545714
30Mark Vlasic9479844625
31Steve Tensi15215240551
32Don Breaux14224340424
33Rick Neuheisel3405936711
34Hunter Enis13235536523
35Tom Flick11337336128
36Bob Gagliano7286533404
37Paul Lowe90102132611
38Moses Moreno7326031902
39Mike Kelley3172930510
40Billy Volek15254424912
41Gene Foster 68111924810
42Tyrod Taylor 10203624110
43Keith Lincoln 8181724051
44Bill Munson4203122511
45Todd Philcox2162817301
46LaDainian Tomlinson14181214370
47Clint Longley 3122413023
48Cliff Olander15122412503
49Jon Brittenum1491712511
50Kay Stephenson 7112611722
Stats via Pro Football Reference

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