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Pro Football Hall of Famers: New York Giants

The table below shows New York Giants players, coaches and executives that have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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InducteeInduction YearYears with Organization
Alphonse (Tuffy) Leemans19781936-1943
Andy Robustelli19711956-1964
Arnie Herber19661944-1945
Arnie Weinmeister19841950-1953
Benny Friedman20051929-1931
Bill Parcells20131983-1990
Don Maynard19871958
Emlen Tunnell19671948-1958
Frank Gifford19771952-1960, 1962-1964
Fran Tarkenton19861967-1971
George Young20201979-1997
Harry Carson20061976-1988
Hugh McElhenny19701963
Jim Thorpe19631925
Joe Guyon19661927
Ken Strong19671933-1935, 1939, 1944-1947
Kurt Warner20172004
Larry Csonka19871976-1978
Lawrence Taylor19991981-1993
Mel Hein19631931-1945
Michael Strahan20141993-2007
Morris (Red) Badgro19811930-1935
Morten Andersen20172001
Ray Flaherty19761928-1929, 1931-1935
Robert (Cal) Hubbard19631927-1928, 1936
Roosevelt Brown19751953-1965
Sam Huff19821956-1963
Steve Owen19661926-1953
Tim Mara19631925-1959
Wellington Mara19971937-2005
Wilbur (Pete) Henry19631927
Y.A. Tittle19711961-1964

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