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2022 NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

Updated: Thursday, December 29, 2022

Throughout the 2022 NFL season, we will update our consensus NFL Power Rankings from a variety of national sites.

Below you will find a table of our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 17, sorted by their average ranking. The table also lists their respective rankings at various sites (links at bottom of table).

Change is difference from last ranking: + number = improvement, - number = decline.

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1Philadelphia Eagles2-122411114
2Buffalo Bills2.63033225222
3Kansas City Chiefs2.750.415133333
4San Francisco 49ers3.50.841554441
5Cincinnati Bengals4.38-0.364342565
6Dallas Cowboys5.880.156676656
7Minnesota Vikings6.880.577767777
8Baltimore Ravens8.251.3810888888
9Los Angeles Chargers91.1981099999
10Jacksonville Jaguars10.752.8129111310111010
11Miami Dolphins11.13-2.91113121011101111
12New York Giants12.88-0.41014151112161213
13Detroit Lions13.25-2.91311131814121312
14Green Bay Packers14.55.3151291917141416
15Washington Commanders15.38-0.51416161216181714
16New York Jets16.63-0.71615141715201620
17Pittsburgh Steelers17.54.31817192018151815
18Seattle Seahawks18.13-1.91722181522132018
19New England Patriots18.5-1.52018202313221517
20Tampa Bay Buccaneers19.380.52220171620172122
21Tennessee Titans20.13-3.51924221423211919
22Carolina Panthers20.633.12119212119192223
23New Orleans Saints23.381.52323242421242424
24Las Vegas Raiders23.63-2.12421232226232525
25Cleveland Browns24.38-3.92626252524252321
26Los Angeles Rams26.251.62525262925272726
27Atlanta Falcons26.75-0.92728272627262627
28Chicago Bears28.750.42929283028282929
29Arizona Cardinals29.50.13030302731293128
30Indianapolis Colts29.63-0.32831292830322831
31Houston Texans30.251.83127313129313230
32Denver Broncos31.5-2.83232323232303032
Sources: ESPN, NFL.com, CBS Sports, USA Today, The Athletic, The Ringer, Yahoo!, PFT

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