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2011 NBA MOCK DRAFT, 1.0
This NBA Mock was prepared by Kyle Baillargeon, our NBA Draft guru, and was updated on Sunday, June 5th.  This
year's NBA Draft will take place in Newark, NJ on Thursday, June 23rd.
Kyle writes, "It's that time again.  The "Hit The Boards" Mock Draft is upon us. Where will the newest crop of youngsters
go this year? Here are our stone-cold, lead-pipe locks:"
1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving, Duke
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Irving has the potential to be an all-star caliber point guard.  In an era of great point guards, Cleveland would be smart
to start rebuilding around one of their own.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Enes Kanter
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We can't predict trades, but we expect Minnesota to trade out and someone else to come in and take Derrick Williams.  
Assuming Minnesota stays with this pick, however, Kanter is the guy here, as the Wolves are already set at SF and PF.
3. Utah Jazz: Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State
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The Jazz would rather have Kanter, for sure.  But he's gone.  Andrei Kirilenko will be gone soon, and the Jazz can use
this pick to get their SF of the future.
4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Derrick Williams, Arizona
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A dream scenario for Cleveland, this will allow them to not only build around two potential studs, but also trade J.J.
Hickson for some help elsewhere.
5. Toronto Raptors: Jonas Valanciunas
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Colangelo loves international players, and with his recent extension he has the kind of security to make this pick.  Also,
Toronto doesn't have a good center on the roster.
6. Washington Wizards: Tristan Thompson, Texas
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The Wizards can pair Thompson up with JaVale McGee and potentially trade Andray Blatche for some help elsewhere.  
The team is still in the early rebuilding stages, and Thompson is a good building block here.
7. Sacramento Kings: Brandon Knight, Kentucky
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Knight gives the Kings a chance to move Tyreke Evans to the SG position where he belongs.  Kemba Walker is an
option, but Knight looks to have the bigger upside.
8. Detroit Pistons: Bismack Biyombo
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The Pistons will hope that Biyombo can be another Ben Wallace.  Thankfully, the original Ben Wallace is already in
Detroit and hopefully he can take the beast from Congo under his wing.
9. Charlotte Bobcats: Kemba Walker, Connecticut
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The Bobcats have a penchant for taking known collegiate products in the draft.  It hasn't really worked out for them, but
Walker is an immediate upgrade over D.J. Augustin.
10. Milwaukee Bucks: Chris Singleton, Florida State
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The Bucks could use a strong permimeter defender, and Singleton would help immediately.  He needs to work on his
offensive game, but that could come with time and hard work.
11. Golden State Warriors: Jan Vesely
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Vesely could fit into the run-and-gun offense that's all the rage with the Warriors. He could also be a complete bust.  
Let's just move along.
12. Utah Jazz: Jordan Hamilton, Texas
Discuss Pick
Hamilton can score, and the Jazz will need help in that department after trading away their best scorer last season.
13. Phoenix Suns: Markieff Morris, Kansas
Discuss Pick
Morris is an athletic big man, and Phoenix will hope that he can be their Serge Ibaka.
14. Houston Rockets: Marcus Morris, Kansas
Discuss Pick
The Rockets could use a versatile forward and Morris fits the bill.  He would be a great addition to Houston if he falls
this far.
15. Indiana Pacers: Klay Thompson, Washington State
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The Pacers will hope that Thompson becomes their point guard of the future. There is a strong chance he won't be, but
he can shoot and could at the very least be a good role player.
16. Philadelphia 76ers: Jimmer Fredette, BYU
Discuss Pick
Jimmer won't be a starter in Philly, but he can come off the bench as a scorer.  He could be a great role player for a long
time in this league.  It would also be fantastic to see Jimmer's reaction to living in the City of Brotherly Love.
17. New York Knicks: Tobias Harris, Tennessee
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Harris can play a few different positions and would be a solid if not spectacular addition to the Knicks. He could be the
player they expected when they drafted Jordan Hill a few years ago.
18. Washington Wizards: Alec Burks, Colorado
Discuss Pick
Burks would be an easy pick for Washington if he dropped this far.  He could wind up as an excellent compliment to
John Wall.  This would also help fill the void left when Nick Young leaves for free agency.
19. Charlotte Bobcats: Jordan Williams, Maryland
Discuss Pick
This could be considered a reach, but at this point in the draft no one is a definite.  Williams has the chance to be a
beast on the boards right away and should be able to improve his offensive game over time.
20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA
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Honeycutt is versatile, and with the Wolves already having addressed a need up front earlier in the draft, they'll be able
to strengthen their back court as well. This would be a great pick so late in the draft.
21. Portland Trail Blazers: Reggie Jackson, Boston College
Discuss Pick
Jackson could be the point guard of the future once Andre Miller is out of there.  And that could be sooner than later.
22. Denver Nuggets: Marshon Brooks, Providence
Discuss Pick
Brooks would be a steal this late.  With J.R. Smith and possibly Aaron Afflalo on the way out, Brooks can be a potential
cornerstone in the backcourt.
23. Houston Rockets: Josh Selby, Kansas
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Selby has the chance to be a solid point guard, and isn't necessarily a need for Houston. But if Selby shows enough
promise, he could make Lowry a good trade chip.
24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Nikola Vucevic, USC
Discuss Pick
The Thunder just got their center in Kendrick Perkins, but Perk has no offensive game.  Vucevic could spell him and
give the team some more firepower in the post.
25. Boston Celtics: Kenneth Faried, Morehead State
Discuss Pick
The Celtics need to get younger in the front court, and Faried could be a good piece.  The fact that he's this far down
shows that he's by no means a complete player, but he has a nose for the ball around the basket and could potentially
deliver at a high level on the defensive end.
26. Dallas Mavericks: Darius Morris, Michigan
Discuss Pick
Dallas might want to start preparing for a future without Jason Kidd, so Morris could be a good fit.  With some
seasoning and mentoring from Kidd, Morris could end up being a solid Point Guard on the NBA level.
27. New Jersey Nets: Donatas Motiejunas
Discuss Pick
The Nets effectively got their guy in the draft when they traded their pick for Deron Williams.  Motiejunas is considered
by some as potentially the real deal, and at this point in the draft, the Nets should go after his upside.
28. Chicago Bulls: Davis Bertans
Discuss Pick
Chicago needs better shooting, and Bertans is a very good shooter. He probably wouldn't be able to contribute
immediately, but the Bulls can stash him on the bench, build him up and teach him their system.  If it works out, they
could have a very solid player on the perimeter.
29. San Antonio Spurs: Jeremy Tyler
Discuss Pick
The Spurs could feel comfortable grabbing a high upside guy with potential character issues.  The team itself can
handle it.  Tyler could be a good fit, or he could just be another less than stellar center to stick next to Tim Duncan.
30. Chicago Bulls: Justin Harper, Richmond
Discuss Pick
Harper is another shooter for the Bulls, albeit out of the power forward position. Harper has a lot of great skills on the
offensive end, and his bad defense could be hidden much like Carlos Boozer's defense was.
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