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New York Knicks NBA Mock Draft Roundup

Leading up to the 2020 NBA Draft, we will update our New York Knicks Mock Draft Roundup showing picks for the New York Knicks from several prominent sites and draft analysts.

The following are picks in recent mock drafts for the Knicks:

CBS Sports - Boone, Updated: 10/22
8. Patrick Williams, Florida State
27. Isaiah Stewart, Washington

In a perfect world for the Knicks, Killian Hayes or Tyrese Haliburton falls to them here. But when are things ever perfect for the Knicks? Instead, they go best available player and select raw-but-talented wing Patrick Williams, whose 6-8 frame and plus-wingspan has captivated scouts projecting what he can be long-term as a defensive playmaker and all-around offensive weapon. Think high-level role player with shot-making upside; not a splashy move but a safe selection.

The Knicks' future at center rests with Mitchell Robinson, but I dig the idea of adding Isaiah Stewart to this position's depth. Thunder and lightning type vibes. Stewart's a physically mature, big-bodied 19-year-old who can block shots and provide an imposing presence in the interior as a rebounder and finisher.

NBC Sports Philly - Levick, Updated: 10/22
8. Tyrese Haliburton, Iowa State
27. Cassius Winston, Michigan State

In two seasons at Iowa State, Halliburton made 42.6 percent of his threes with unusual, upright mechanics. Halliburton is an excellent passer, forces a lot of turnovers and would represent good value at No. 8.

We don't know yet which young players the Knicks will keep long-term, so we'll assume they'll be searching for the best player available. It's debatable whether Winston would fit that description at No. 27, but he proved he's one of the draft's best pick-and-roll playmakers over an accomplished four years at Michigan State.

CBS Sports - Parrish, Updated: 10/16
8. Killian Hayes, France
27. Vernon Carey Jr., Duke

The Knicks slipping to eighth in this draft is just deflating for the franchise. So unlucky. There's nothing good about it. New York went from dreaming about LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards to selecting ... Killian Hayes? On my board, at this point, he's the best available option. The 6-5 prospect is an American-born lead guard who was raised in France. So he's technically an American-born international prospect, one who has been playing professionally in Germany. He didn't turn 19 years-old until July. So Hayes is one of the youngest players in this draft. But, despite that, he has a high basketball IQ and reputation of somebody who just really knows how to play. Early this past season, Hayes turned the ball over a little too much, which is less-than-ideal for a primary ball-handler. But his assist-to-turnover ratio improved as the season progressed. So his ability to take care of the ball is not a real issue. Shooting is, though. Hayes shot below 30% from 3-point range this past season. That's not good enough from that position. But if he improves on that, and the guess here is that he will in time, Hayes will have a chance to live up to the hype that has him projected by basically everybody to go in the lottery.

Vernon Carey would've been a top-10 pick if he were born 20 years earlier. But with unathletic centers devalued and sometimes unplayable in today's NBA, there are a lot of things working against the Duke star even though he was the best freshman in college basketball this past season while averaging 17.8 points and 8.8 rebounds for a team that finished fifth at KenPom. Will he be played off the floor by certain opponents in certain situations? Yes, that seems likely. But I'm still convinced there's a place for him in the NBA. And spending a late first-round pick on a wildly productive one-and-done player (who was also a heralded high school prospect) seems like a sensible move.

The Ringer - O'Connor, Updated: 10/14
8. Patrick Williams, Florida State
27. Isaiah Stewart, Washington

The Knicks have not been connected to Williams, but multiple front office sources around the league say Williams has drawn heavy interest from teams in the mid-to-late lottery. He came off the bench as a freshman and averaged only 9.2 points, but at 6-foot-8 he displayed a knack for scoring off the dribble and playing solid defense. Shot creation and versatility are premium skills: Shouldn't that make Williams a lottery pick, as underdeveloped as he might be?

Stewart is a high-motor big who has savvy skills scoring in the paint and has flashed a perimeter jumper. He would make for a great fit next to Mitchell Robinson.

SI.com - Woo, Updated: 10/14
8. Isaac Okoro, Auburn
27. Malachi Flynn, San Diego State

Although the Knicks have an obvious need at guard, they may not necessarily take a ballhandler here, with alternative backcourt options likely available to them at No. 27 or No. 38. In this scenario, with Haliburton and Hayes off the board, New York would opt for Okoro, who can be a tone-setting defender for a team in need of help on that end and effectively complement R.J. Barrett on the wing. Granted, his shooting has to improve, and it's a major what-if that will probably preclude him from being a top-five pick. But it's hard to see Okoro slipping much further than this, with intriguing upside, a solid floor game, and the tools and mentality to be a perimeter stopper.

Flynn has been one of the winners of the virtual combine process so far and has left strong impressions on teams in his interviews, according to league sources. His range now appears to begin in the early 20s, as one of the few players in this draft with a believable chance of stepping in to help a good team right away. Flynn's toughness and immense basketball IQ help mask his average athletic tools, and there's no glaring hole in his game. The Knicks are likely to address the backcourt with one of their three picks, and Flynn would be a strong fit if he's on the board here--which is no longer a guarantee.

The Athletic - Vecenie, Updated: 10/13
8. Devin Vassell, Florida State
27. Tre Jones, Duke

The Knicks are one of the tougher teams to project in the lottery right now for a couple of reasons. First, the team has holes all over the roster and could reasonably pick just about any type of player outside of the center position. Second, we simply don't know what this new front office is going to value in players. Scott Perry is still the general manager, but Leon Rose is calling the shots and the team has a new coach that tends to devalue the contributions of young players throughout his time in the NBA in Tom Thibodeau.

So why Vassell? A couple of reasons to look at why he'll be high on the Knicks' board (even if I don't totally love the pick). First and foremost, the team does have a desperate need next to R.J. Barrett on the wing. Second, he does a lot of the dirty work and gritty stuff that the team should want to try to shelter Barrett from as he develops. Vassell is a terrific on-ball and team defender, and he can knock down shots to help space the floor for New York. I personally don't see a ton of star upside for Vassell, as he's not really much of a pull-up shooter and not really a guy that makes high-level passing reads on offense. But he should fit in nicely as a starting-caliber wing early in his career. It also doesn't hurt that Vassell is repped by CAA, meaning those now in charge of the Knicks should be a bit more well-acquainted with his game than potentially some other prospects.

Jones is all over the map for teams. Some are really big fans and think he has potential to be a starter due to his high-level basketball IQ and defensive acumen. He's also a much better athlete than what he typically gets credit for, with great quickness and underrated leaping. But he's not a particularly good finisher at the rim, and an inconsistent shooter, especially off the dribble. He was the ACC Player of the Year and the ACC Defensive Player of the Year after averaging after averaging 16.2 points, 4.2 rebounds and 6.4 assists while playing tough on-ball defense at the point of attack.

The Knicks certainly have use for another lead guard, and could go that direction at the top of the draft. However, there are a lot of options later in the draft, and it could behoove them to wait to get an option like Jones, Malachi Flynn, Cassius Winston, or plenty others.

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