2015 NFL Mock Draft Database

Our 2015 NFL Mock Draft Database features various NFL mock drafts from draft analysts, experts and websites.

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The table below lists the mock (with a hyperlink), the date of their latest update and their top five picks.

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-> Updated: Friday, November 21st

Mock DraftDate1st pick2nd pick3rd pick4th pick5th pick
EDSFootball.com - Kevin11/21L. WilliamsR. GregoryM. MariotaJ. WinstonS. Ray
WalterFootball.com11/19M. MariotaL. WilliamsR. GregoryS. RayJ. Winston
New NFL Draft - Tyler11/19M. MariotaC. CookS. ThompsonJ. WinstonS. Ray
The Football Spot - Phillips11/18L. WilliamsM. MariotaB. ScherffJ. WinstonS. Ray
JTW Mock11/18M. MariotaA. CooperL. WilliamsJ. WinstonR. Gregory
CBS Sports - Rang11/17L. WilliamsR. GregoryJ. WinstonM. MariotaS. Ray
CBS Sports - Brugler11/17L. WilliamsR. GregoryJ. WinstonM. MariotaA. Cooper
NFL Draft Days - Frank11/15M. MariotaL. WilliamsR. GregoryJ. WinstonA. Cooper
NFL Draft Room11/14L. WilliamsC. OgbuehiM. MariotaR. GregoryB. Scherff
Walter Football - Charlie11/14L. WilliamsA. PeatJ. WinstonM. MariotaR. Gregory
New NFL Draft - Chuck11/14L. WilliamsR. GregoryM. MariotaJ. WinstonR. Darby
San Diego Union-Tribune11/12L. WilliamsB. ScherffM. MariotaB. HundleyR. Gregory
NFL Draft Geek11/12L. WilliamsM. MariotaR. GregoryA. CooperT. Gurley
Draft King11/11L. WilliamsM. MariotaR. GregoryJ. WinstonA. Cooper
The Big Lead11/11L. WilliamsC. OgbuehiJ. WinstonM. MariotaS. Oakman
Draft Ace11/9S. RayR. GregoryB. ScherffJ. WinstonV. Beasley
Guy's NFL Draft Locker Room11/8M. MariotaL. WilliamsJ. WinstonB. HundleyC. Cook
SI.com - Burke11/7R. GregoryM. MariotaL. WilliamsJ. WinstonV. Beasley
Behind the Steel Curtain11/5L. WilliamsR. GregoryJ. WinstonM. MariotaA. Cooper
We Talk Fantasy Sports11/4T. GurleyA. CooperJ. WinstonM. MariotaL. Williams
DraftTek11/3L. WilliamsM. MariotaC. OgbuehiV. BeasleyJ. Winston
Scout.com10/30L. WilliamsR. GregoryM. MariotaJ. WinstonV. Beasley
New NFL Draft - Fielding10/29L. WilliamsR. GregoryC. OgbuehiL. WilliamsM. Mariota
NFL's Future10/29L. WilliamsR. GregoryM. MariotaJ. WinstonC. Cook
Sports Gif10/28R. GregoryL. WilliamsM. MariotaJ. WinstonC. Ogbuehi
Draft Season - Ultimate10/28C. OgbuehiL. WilliamsM. MariotaJ. WinstonT. Gurley
NFL Draft Days - James10/23L. WilliamsR. GregoryA. CooperM. MariotaC. Ogbuehi
Only College Sports10/23A. CooperL. WilliamsM. MariotaJ. WinstonV. Beasley
New NFL Draft - John E.10/22L. WilliamsR. GregoryM. MariotaA. PeatJ. Winston
Draft Countdown10/19M. MariotaR. GregoryL. WilliamsA. CooperC. Ogbuehi
CSN Philly - Sherman10/18C. OgbuehiL. WilliamsM. MariotaA. CooperR. Gregory
FanSpeak.com - Steve9/25L. WilliamsC. OgbuehiM. MariotaEkpre-OlomuA. Peat
Mock Draft HQ9/20M. MariotaL. WilliamsA. PeatC. CookA. Cooper
Draft Breakdown - Dove9/11M. MariotaD. FowlerV. BeasleyD. FunchessA. Peat
Draft Breakdown - Mosqueda7/29V. BeasleyL. WilliamsM. MariotaM. PetersD. Fowler
Heff's Sports Blog - Matt7/7M. MariotaR. GregoryL. WilliamsA. CooperJ. Winston
Draft Season - Onebar6/6L. WilliamsC. OgbuehiA. CooperM. MariotaR. Gregory
The NFL Report6/2M. MariotaR. GregoryL. WilliamsC. OgbuehiB. Hundley
Heff's Sports Blog - Jacob5/19M. MariotaL. WilliamsJ. WinstonB. HundleyA. Cooper
True Sports Blog5/16J. WinstonL. WilliamsT. GurleyEkpre-OlomuM. Mariota
ESPN - McShay5/15L. WilliamsA. CooperC. OgbuehiD. FowlerJ. Winston
Rotoworld - Norris5/12M. MariotaJ. WinstonL. WilliamsA. PeatL. Collins
USA Today - Sobelski5/11R. GregoryL. WilliamsM. MariotaB. ScherffEkpre-Olomu
SB Nation5/10R. GregoryJ. WinstonM. MariotaA. PeatS. Calhoun
The Sports Hound - Daniel2/28R. GregoryV. BeasleyL. WilliamsEkpre-OlomuJ. Winston

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